Algorave with Alexandra Cárdenas and Antonio Roberts

Algorave – a combination of “algorithm” and “rave” – is a new model for club nights: Sounds and visuals are programmed live and algorithmic music production made visible on the screen. In addition to experimentation and enthusiasm for the overall audiovisual experiences, the algorave scene also embraces community, diversity and the absence of advertising. The first Algoraves held in Sheffield in 2012 led to a movement; the parties are now held all over the world. Alexandra Cárdenas and Antonio Roberts are among Algorave’s pioneers. Cárdenas, a composer, musician and programmer, uses open source software to examine the musicality of code and the algorithmic behavior of music. Following her classical music training in Bogotá she switched to experimental electronics and live coding – first in Mexico City and currently in Berlin. Antonio Roberts deals with intellectual property in the context of digital technologies. Works by the Birmingham based artist and curator have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Barbican Centre and the Whitney Museum of American Art. His work on authorship and open source software resonates in the Algoraves where Roberts allows the dancers to watch as he creates and edits visuals in real time.