Vacant – Illustration Friday

This is my submission for the Illustration Friday topic, Vacant

I interpreted vacant to mean blank and with that came the image of a blank piece of paper. A blank paper is very daunting to many artists and it’s no different with me. However if I start at a paper and think long enough usually ideas just start to come out at me. I portrayed this by using very light colours for the lettering and scenery.

You may have noticed that it’s a very minimal style than what I usually do. Probably not something that will stick, but I’ll develop ways of using it.

Illustration Friday – Clique

For this week’s Illustration Friday topic I wanted to highlight that cliques are a group of similar people but that they’re also unique. I also wanted to improve my skills in Inkscape. I’m getting a lot better at using blending modes on layers instead of objects and the Spiro function works really well!