Birmingham Open Media Indiegogo campaign


Birmingham Open Media, the recently opened creative digital media space in Birmingham where I’ve also been a Fellow since 2014, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to get one of its spaces renovated to allow more education and workshop events to happen. If you’d like to see more art and technology happen in Birmingham read on a give your money!

BOM (Birmingham Open Media) is a creative collaborative workspace for art, technology and science, less than one minute’s walk from Birmingham’s New Street Station.

We’re hoping to raise enough money through crowd funding to renovate studio 1 into an awesome education & community room. Where we can host workshops, lectures, small exhibitions, meetings and much more.

As a community driven non-profit organisation, BOM offers flexible co-working, production and shared studio spaces for artists, technologists and scientists and supports skills sharing through its active community of Fellows and R&D residencies. BOM’s gallery and events space hosts free exhibitions and events that result from creative collaborations and practice-based research with art, technology and science. But we’re running out of space.

This summer we’ve piloted the first few BOM education projects which are aimed at exploring ideas in art, science and technology with groups of young people, families children, artists, teachers and overseas students.

We think that this work is super important and we hope that these will be the first of many more activities, events, workshops, labs and hacks for kids, families and community groups at BOM. However in order to host work like this in the future and to attract partner organisations & funders we really need a dedicated education studio at BOM, which is accessible, safe and flexible enough to host the myriad of different activities that could be on offer.

Studio 1 (downstairs by the cafe) is perfect, but a hidden hole in the floor, crumbling plaster and exposed wires means there needs to be lots of work done to get this up to scratch.

This is where you come in, we’re putting it out there to the awesome folks of Birmingham, the Internet and beyond to help us to raise the money for the renovation.

With your help we could renovate the room into an awesome bespoke education studio, with a lovely safe clean floor, beautiful smooth white walls and cupboards/racking/storage for resources.

If you pledge to give £25 then I’ll even make you a gif!