Insectoid performance reminder

Empire and Daughter Isotope + Insectoid

A one off performance by Tai Shani featuring epic prog band Guapo and electroclash diva Angie Reed. Cannibalizing pulp film and fiction through black magic cult rituals, a mini mouse anti-sacrifice of twelve virgins is crowned by five tableaux of notorious Satanist Anton Lavey posing in nudist magazine Jaybird.

Then, Insectoid’s hive colonise the stage and perform their own entomological rites, exploring insect behaviour to produce exoskeletal sounds.

8 May doors at 20:00, performance starts 20:30

Shoreditch Town Hall,

380 Old st.

London EC1V 9LP

Tickets are £4 advance, £5 on the door and are available from The Pump House or via PayPal payment to

Flyer for Insectoid Performance

So liek, I’m in it too. YA RLY!

If You Go Down In The Woods Today

A followup to the last post. Here’s the blurb from the video caption:

Insectoid went to Earlswood and engaged in a silent, collaborative painting experiment.

We decided the basic plan beforehand, but no verbal communication took place during the 2.5 hours of painting.

The process of carrying back to the studio had an effect on some sections of the painting

Insectoid is now on, so get scrobbling!


Some of you devoted readers may know that I work occasionally with an art group call a.a.s. Group. I met them last summer on an art project called Destination Geodecity (watch a video of it here) and since then I’ve worked with them on their Insectoid project and, more recently, the performance at the Crowd 6 event Mingling and Mistletoe.

Today saw the people involved in Insectoid come together for a fictional band photoshoot from skilled rock photographer Steve Gerrard (who is currently offering a discount on photoshoots – only £60!). It saw us walking around in our the Mailbox and Arcadian area in either our jumpsuits or smart clothing. We got quite a few confused looks from onlookers! Overall a great, but tiring and cold day. Photos from the photoshoot coming soon! In the meantime here’s a photo of my mask.