Burningham – FreeCode/FreeJazz

On Tuesday 19th April 2011 I’ll be doing some visual jamming with other local patchers at FreeCode/FreeJazz in Birmingham

MAX/MSP, VVVV, PD, Quartz Composer: Node based creation tools for a new generation of artist. Long used by artists to trigger installation pieces in galleries, these pc based junction boxes have transcended their initial intentions for the musical tweaker. Now boasting slicker interfaces and control of the raw computer hardware these multimedia engines have become a medium in their own right, letting non programmers get to grips with the digital synthesis of noise and colour on a visual level. Becoming ubiquitous with audio visual tweakery these programs can be used for closely linking sound and vision at a low level, resulting in unique and often stunning form and rhythm.

Local artists Laternist, hellocatfood, Chromatouch and Minuek have been experimenting with these tools for long enough to start performing, and this will be the first live performance using these tools as a collective.

The night will start with the digital artists performing a short set each, jamming through the second act, then slowly merging with the jazz musicians, who will finish the event off whilst the artists continue with visuals into the dusk…

Let your attendance be known here on The Facebook. Expect lots of glitchyness from myself 😉

There’s quite a lot of other cool events happening in the Burningham space until 21st April. Head over tothe Fierce website for lotsa more details!