I’ve been in the freelancing game for about 7 months now and one of the major problems I’ve found is in managing my time effectively. It’s so easy to just do nothing all day and frantically rush around trying to do too much in the evening. This is why I’m attempting to map out how each day could be spent. So far it looks a little like this:

09:00 – Do some digital artwork
11:30 – Check e-mails, blogs, twitter etc
12:00 – lunch
13:00 – Do some traditional artwork
15:30 – Read magazines and blogs – 4Talent, Computer Arts etc
16:30 – End of the day!

I know that I haven’t allowed much time for checking and responding to e-mails, but I don’t get many (yet!), so that’s more than enough time.

Am I being overly optimistic with my time allowances?