Live Coding Visuals with Antonio Roberts

Improviz is an environment built by Guy John aka Rumblesan, which can be used for live coding visual performances. Its easy-to-learn language for creating visuals can be extended through the use of custom GL shaders and by using your own GIFs, 3D models and image textures.

This two-hour workshop, led by visual artist Antonio Roberts aka hellocatfood, will introduce you to the world of live coding, and guide you through the basics of using Improviz for live visuals.

This workshop will also include a short look at how artists and musicians use code to make visuals and music in real time at Algoraves.

If you’ve ever been curious about using code to make live visuals and have aspirations to perform at live coding events and Algoraves then this workshop is perfect for you.

No coding experience is necessary.

You will need:

* A Windows, Mac or Linux laptop that can connect to the internet

* Google Chrome or Firefox

* Improviz (desktop version)

* Atom

* Zoom