Next Wave at RBSA, 21st September – 15th October

From 21st September – 15th October one of the Dead Copyright pieces will be on show at RBSA as part of Next Wave.

Permission Taken

Next Wave 2016 is curated by Caroline Ali RBSA, Jack Foster NWA, Jennifer Pardoe NWA, and Annette Pugh ARBSA. It features 14 artists, including RBSA artists and recent art graduates.

The Next Wave project began in 2014 as an exciting new venture for the RBSA. The project aimed to stage an exhibition of work by emerging and early-career artists that would add to the variety of the RBSA Gallery’s exhibition programme. It also aimed to support and promote the exhibitors to help them develop their career in the arts sector. Four exhibitors (Jack Foster, Anna Lorenz, Jennifer Pardoe, and Antonio Roberts) were awarded Next Wave Associateship of the Society, providing them with three free years of associate membership and an opportunity to help inform and develop the direction of the Society. Following the success of Next Wave 2014, the RBSA made it a biennial project so that the aims could be developed and continued for 2016 and beyond.

The exhibition/project, now in it’s second iteration, features myself alongside Caroline Ali RBSA, Alberto Condotta, Jack Foster NWA, Rob Hamp, Claire Hickey, Celestine Kim, Anna Lorenz NWA, Constantin Malmare, Rachael Marley, Jennifer Pardoe NWA, Annette Pugh ARBSA, Natalie Seymour and Daniel Smart.

Introducing Digital Art, 16th March

On 16th March I’ll be doing a talk introducing digital art (with a focus on glitch art, naturallly) at RBSA Gallery.


Antonio Roberts NWA is well-known in the digital art world and has presented his pieces at several prestigious institutions across the globe, including Tate Modern. His friendly and engaging talk will include video clips of examples, offering a fascinating but accessible introduction to contemporary digital art. It will also introduce Antonio’s ‘Glitch Art’, which is a form of digital art that exploits mistakes and glitches in programming. Antonio became a Next Wave Associate of the RBSA after taking part in the Next Wave exhibition in 2014. Next Wave was a new project to help encourage emerging and early career artists. Since his participation in Next Wave, Antonio has helped the Society with a sound installation in 2014 and provided valuable advice on improving technical facilities for artists at the Gallery.

Tickets are £5/$7 and can be booked ‘ere