Wednesday from Light – Orchestra Finalists video

Wednesday from Light/Mittwoch aus Licht had it’s world premier in Birmingham from 22-26th August. The 6-hour opera was the final opera from Karlheinz Stockhausen and, until recently, gone unperformed in its entirety. Did I mention that it includes helicopters?

For one section of the opera, Orchestra Finalists/Orchester-Finalisten, Birmingham Opera Company, together with Ember Television, asked 10 people to make films that responded to each piece of this section in some way. I made one for “Tuba amongst flocks of birds and swarms of bees”

I was originally under the impression that this was going to be shown online only. Much to my surprise the video, along with the others, got a screening at the actual performances, as this screenshot from the live stream of the performance shows

Wednesday from Light - Orchestra Finalists video

It’s somewhere in the back

Shooting and editing this video was both a great deal of fun and a great challenge. I have been involved in the production of videos before, usually providing editing of post-production support, but I have never taken the lead on the conception and direction of a video.

Wednesday from Light - Orchestra Finalists video

I’m thankful to the support of Ember Television who quickly turned my vague ideas into something more concrete. Also, thanks to Nathan for allowing us to film him

Wednesday from Light - Orchestra Finalists video

More photos about the video can be seen on Flickr. The other videos can be seen here