Making (it) work online

Chair: Vennes Cheng (Academic and Curator, HK)

Panel: Jacob Bolton (Peer to Peer: UK/HK)

Peter Bonnell (Derby Quad, UK)

Antonio Roberts (Artist, UK)

The realm of art and exhibition making – which is fundamentally about interactions and discourse between artists and viewers via art and mediator – is by all means striving to adapt the new normal struck by the epidemic; online exhibitions have been springing up as one potential alternative. However, most of them are ‘renderings in hindsight’; the exhibitions were supposed to take place in physical spaces such as museums or galleries, but the pandemic has forced them to go online.

They were not intended for online Web-based hyper-textual dynamic. They are mostly not an ‘online exhibition’ but an ‘exhibition online’. Moreover, the new normal strikes us unprepared – further confusing perceptions of the online exhibition, net art, new media art, digital art, etc. This panel attempts to address the confusions and aims to highlight the realm of online (web-based) as a dimension for art and exhibition making in its own right rather than an emergency solution.

This is a one hour live online discussion hosted by the panel chair and panel speakers including artists and organisations. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation by asking questions and sending comments during the live online event via the chat functions.

This event is one of seven discussion panels in the programme of Peer to Peer online events. Find out more about the other events taking place online via our website by clicking here.

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Originally envisaged as a physical exchange between UK and Hong Kong visual arts networks, the project has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic to become an online space where meaningful exchange can happen and partnerships and relationships can be forged.