Glitch Moment/ums video

Here’s one that I nearly forgot to share. Back in June I was part of the Glitch Moment/ums exhibition at Furtherfield. I was there to perform at the opening, where they also shot a lil’ video that includes me waving my arms around franticly talking about some glitch stuff:

You can read some of Rosa Menkman‘s thoughts behind the exhibition in this interview with we make money not art:

The title of the exhibition ‘Glitch Moment/ums’ references ‘the Glitch Moment(um)’ book I released in 2011. In this book I describe how my first encounter with a piece of glitch art came hand in hand with a feeling of shock. What had once been a first person shooter was now a broken, pixelated vortex of confusion (Jodi, Untitled Game, 2006). I was lost and in awe, trying to come to terms with an experience that seemed unforgivable. But finally, these ruins of expected functionality revealed a new opportunity, a spark of creative energy that showed that something new had taken shape. I felt questions emerge; what is this utterance, and how was it created? Is this perhaps …a glitched video environment? But once I had named the glitch, the momentum -the glitch- was gone …and in front of my eyes suddenly a new form had emerged.