I’m back in the UK after an amazing week teaching/guest lecturing at SAIC and performing at glitChicago. It was really great to see my friends and peers again, and to spread my knowledge and experiences of glitch art, new media art, and digital art as a whole. Enough yapping, here’s some photos from the exhibition by Paul Hertz:






A Bill Miller shot an overview video of most of the performances:

And he also shot a bit of my Sonification Studies performance:

The attentive amongst you may remember that I’ve been exploring sonification a lot recently. With this performance now completed I will soon write up my research and formally present the Pixel Player software that I wrote so that you may explore this area yourself.

Much <3's go out to Paul Hertz, SAIC, jonCates, everyone that participated in glitChicago, everyone that didn’t and my friends for bringing me back to Chicago and generally supporting my work ^_^

GLI.TC/H Screening 01

Tonight sees I Am Sitting In A Room being screened as part of GLI.TC/H. After a Panel Discussion at 4pm at SAIC Flaxman Theatre we move onto Transistor for the screening, starting at 8pm. You’re definitely in for a treat from some of the best benders, moshers, glitchers and [insert glitch sub-genre here]. Check the schedule for more awesome events

The gallery exhibition opening at Roxaboxen was a huge success. Glitches are clearly hot right now. The Interpretations of Reality glitch zines went down well, but through getting them reproduced at FedEx I started gathering ideas and thoughts about the copy effect, whereby noise artifacts appear as you begin to make copies of copies. I will definitely be exploring this idea at a later date.