Changing Room at SARC

Changing Room is being showcased as part of Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music and The Two Thousand + Ten symposium from November 4-7th.

Changing Room at SARC

You may remember this piece from last year at Eastside Projects. Unlike last time instead of one artist having a week to develop work this time a group of artists will have a day to produce something.


Myself, Ana Benlloch and Rachel Darke will be building and showcasing our work in the space on Saturday 6th November with a ritual ‘performance’ taking place from around 1pm


Changing Room will be showcased at Sonic Arts Research Centre. The ritual will be taking place simultaneously at Transitional Space in Second Life and at The Cage in Walsall from around 1pm. If you intend to take part in the ritual at Walsall get there for around 12pm.