Show of Science at TROVE

This week at the old Science Museum there’s an exhibition from TROVE that features a video from a.a.s, which features meeee! And now for some details:

image courtesy of Pete Ashton from his series The former Museum of Science and Industry

Pseudo-science, the make believe, the hand made and discovery are themes running through the four artists in this exhibition. a.a.s. have created a new piece of film and installation for the show dealing with themes of the scientific experiment, whether real or unreal is up to you. The same is visualised in Victoria Jenkins’ beautiful black and white photographic series Lapis Philosophorum of constructed experiments. The works of Lee Stowers and Luke Williams, though also constructed objects, are real, Luke’s camera and Lee’s music boxes are beautiful in their antique appearances. All pieces hint at the historic, at first glance there is nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary, though with closer inspection there is something odd about the works. The double take allows this Show of Science to move from a series of simple objects of science to pieces that make you question its use, its reliability as official face and of the make believe.

I can only speak for the video that I’m in, but if you like anything to do with aliens you’ll love it! The show opens this Friday from 6pm – 8pm at The Old Science Museum [location details] and is open from 30th April – 16th May 2010 by appointment thereafter.