Rebellion #10 – 19th February

On 19th February I’ll be in Shrewsbury to give a talk at Shropgeek.


With re:LOADED – the developer unconference, just around the corner we’re changing the focus of our first Rebellion of 2015 away from specific web design and development topics and spending a little more time on business and creative disciplines instead.

We’ve invited three awesome speakers with a web or creative background to come and share their experiences, ideas, and in one case even test some samples (now you can’t normally say that about web design talks!).

And as well as all of this creative goodness that will inspire you to do even more awesome stuff there will also be time for you to share any news or announcements you may have with the ShropGeek community. What more could you want?

This promises to be a truly fantastic evening so why not come along and join us, listen to some inspiring talks, spark your creativity and chat with like-minded people over a beer or maybe even a cocktail or two.

I’ll be giving a talk about my experiences of being an artist that uses open source software to make weird (glitch) art.

Hacking creative practices

The Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and various other so-called Industry Standard software packages are presented as the tools for creative people to use to express themselves and produce art. These tools have their benefits, but filtering the creative process through these rigid programs and methods can be uninspiring for the artists and can produce samey results. In this presetntation I will talk about how I and others hack this creative process by building my own tools, misusing software, and generally operating in a way that’s contrary to what is considered normal.

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