Small Talk

Small talk is back for 2017 featuring top local creative talent delivering short talks about things that are important to them.

Small Talk celebrates the amazing creative talent we have in the city with short, 10 minute talks from a variety of professionals involved in different creative industries in Birmingham.

Copyright as Frame and Prison

Copyright as Frame as Prison, taking part as part of No Copyright Infringement Intended, will be a conversation around the disruptive power of technological innovation on ideas around copyright.

Featuring a panel including Jan Nikolai-Nelles and Nora Al-Badri, the artists behind The Other Nefertiti artwork, Lisa Beauchamp, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at Birmingham Museums Trust, and more TBC.

Using the works within the exhibition as a starting point, a panel featuring participating artists and experts in copyright will discuss how emerging technologies are shaping creative processes, how (perceptions of) copyright enable/inhibit those technologically-enabled creative processes, the appropriateness of appropriation and its effect on creative practices.

This event is free. Tickets can be reserved here:

Please note that the event will be filmed and photographed.

No Copyright Infringement Intended Curator’s Tour

Join No Copyright Infringement Intended curator Antonio Roberts for a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a chance to ask questions about the exhibition. The tour will be preceded by a Pecha-Kucha-style presentation called Ctrl + C that looks at the the one-way system of cultural appropriation by corporations.

The tours are free and will be taking place at 13:00 – 14:00 and again at 17:00 – 18:00. Tickets can be booked here:


The primary goal of CopyCamp 2017 is to broaden the scope of the debate about exclusive rights. We want to talk about culture, science, and education, but we also want to discuss how exclusive rights are used in, for example, health and food. We will listen to stories touching on real-life issues in the following thematic tracks:

  • business models, heritage digitization, remix
  • health, food, security, and exclusive rights
  • text and data mining, machine learning, online education
  • IoT: autonomous cars, smart homes, wearables
  • hacking government data, public procurement, public aid in culture

As always, we will be pleased to host all interested parties in a neutral and friendly space, and encourage participants to share thoughts and exchange ideas.

Creative Careers

We’re exploring curation this month and what the role means to the people leading the way art in London and the UK is being curated

Creative Careers will be hosting a panel of curatorial professionals from across the art world. With backgrounds ranging from London’s top arts organisations to curating from an artist-led and learning perspective, we’re excited to host:

Rebecca Lewin, Curator, Serpentine Gallery
Abondance Matanda, Founder, Yutes of London
Antonio Roberts, Artist and Curator
Oscar Humphries, Curator

Together they will be unpacking what the role means to them and dishing out snippets of advice to you on how to get into the industry and develop in your career.

And, as always, dinner is on us.