Thoughts on fizzPOP

Since February I have been running a hackerspace network called fizzPOP. The aim of this is to eventually acquire a permanent space for people to come and share ideas and collaborate on their projects. THe benefits of having a space include actually getting out of the house and, having a space with materials that you may not have .e.g. a lazer-cutter and just generally being in a friendly environment to bounce around ideas with other people.

Aside from the obvious issue of acquiring a space, which we recently (kind of) rectified, one of the problems we’ve had is in defining ourselves.

I think the UK is generally new to the idea of a hackerspace. They’ve been around Europe and America since modern computing came about. It has its roots in the DIY movement and the activities at a hackerspace can be anything from learning a programming language to learning how to construct and use a sewing machine. The key element is the sharing of skills and exploration of technology.

Laptop Fire

Back to the problem, how can you define something that covers such a broad range of topics? Many of our members, upon coming to a meeting have asked, “So, what do we do?” The answer to that is usually to do whatever you want, but perhaps some boundaries or instruction might be needed. People may respond better if there is a set task for them to focus on. The danger in doing this is that you may then alienate those who do not want to take part in the task.

Overall, what I would like for fizzPOP is for there to be tutorials/workshops on a particular subject that run alongside the usual ‘anything goes’ activities. For this, however, you need people who want to run workshops. How do you encourage this?

Hello world!

After nearly three years of having the domain registered, one year building a website for my course and then scrapping it and various vague attempts at coding a blogging and gallery CMS myself I decided finally to give the site a complete makeover and implement WordPress and Gallery2. I think it looks rather good, though once I edit some of the CSS it’ll have a more personalised feel to it.

I’ll be using this blog to keep you updated on any new work and also my views on the current arts and technology scene

Well, that didn’t last long did it?! I felt that the old domain name, which now points here) just didn’t suit me at all. Considering that since 2005 I’ve used the alias Hellocatfood I felt it only right that I use it as my domain name. I thought that simply changing the domain name was a simple task. But no. There probably was a way to change thing over, but I somehow managed to break it all. So that meant I had to start all over again. Luckily it didn’t take 10 hours like it did last time, but it does mean that I’ve had to copy over all of the content manually (should’ve exported it first! grr). I’m going to be rertoactively adding relevant old posts from my old blog, just so that there’s more content 😉 In the meantime, enjoy what’s here!