“Brand” New Generation presentation

The “Brand” New Generation event took place on 2nd November at The Drum as part of Kalaboration. Aside from my Pecha-Kucha-style presentation on glitch art glitching (i.e. not working) it went really well! For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it and those who attended but couldn’t see the images, here’s a desktop recording or the presentation:

The discussion that followed was very interesting and covered topics such as being/not being an “emerging” artist, residing in Birmingham and finding validity in the art scene. Charlie Levine did a bit of live-tweeting:

To reiterate some of the points in those tweets, I think the idea of being an “emerging” artist is rather stupid. Whilst I recognise that building confidence in your practice takes time and effort, from what am I emerging and what am I hoping to happen once I emerge from it? Do I lose the emerging artist tag once I’ve had a clearly defined number of exhibitions or successful funding bids? Or is it the case that I need to get my work into the well-known galleries and be represented by a gallery in order to no longer be an “emerging” artist? This confusion on the term isn’t just shared by me.

Although I’m predominantly a digital artist I don’t reject the idea of working within white-walled galleries, nor do I attempt to avoid associations with the fine art “scene”. As the above tweets suggest, I’m more than happy to work with anyone that is as excited about digital art as I am, be they independent galleries and artists/curators or commercial organisations and well-known galleries. To me, the support of friends, family and curious strangers is just as important to me as support from institutions, galleries and funding providers.

On that note, here’s some pictures from the event by Kalaboration:

Thanks to Ian Sergeant/Kalaboration for asking me to take part and Elly Clarke for chairing the discussion.

More photos available on the Kalaboration Flickr stream and on my Flickr.

“Brand” New Generation at The Drum, 1st November 2012

On Thursday 1st November at 6pm I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion at The Drum, as part of Kalaboration. The discussion will be chaired by Elly Clarke and will feature myself, Dan Auluk and Karen Mclean.

“Brand” New Generation

Who are the new wave of artists practicing today and what are their influences? Can artists become a success commercially whilst addressing politics, diversity and identity? Should participating in the arts for young people be purely a creative process, or is it important to address social, environmental and cultural issues? Our panel of speakers and presentations provide an insight of the “Brand New Generation”.

The discussion focuses on who are the new wave of artists practising today and what are their influences? Each artist can be regarded as emerging in the past couple of years and are beginning to make a name for themselves in their respective practises. This is an opportunity for them to share their ideas and experiences of recent projects with our audience. The discussion will also focus the ever changing social, economic and political environment, locally and globally and the impact/influence this has had on their practice.

Places for this event are free, but you’re advised to contact Kalaboration, either via their website or Facebook, to confirm a place