FRAME_birmingham, the three-month long exhibition of artwork by national and international artists at venues across Birmingham, is now in its second month. Fade to Daft has been taken down from the Penfold Grange Suite of Hotel du Vin, but it can still be purchased online for £180. The next piece in that series, Plenty, can be seen in Birmingham Central Library, near the entrance to the lending library. The image is an image remix of the song Plenty by Rob Crow/Thingy.

Plenty at FRAME_birmingham

Installation of Plenty. Photo by Kevin Middleton/Clarke Gallery

FRAME_ birmingham

Plenty at Birmingham Central Library


If you’re looking for ways to spend your Christmas money you can purchase the work for £180 mounted and unframed or for £230 with a frame.

Some of My Favourite Songs

In early 2012 I made a music compilation that attempted to summarise my musical tastes on a 700MB/80 minute CD. ’cause I’m a special kinda guy I’ve decided to share it wit y’all… as images! Below are some of my favourite songs, presented in the order that they appear on the CD. You should listen to them.

The images were made by reading the audio files into Pure Data as binary data and then saving them as jpgs. I’ll do a writeup of the process soon!

Rival Schools - Everything Has Its Point

Rival Schools – Everything Has Its Point