Halftone Portrait

Here’s the last in my daily pictures for this week. I’ve a busy weekend of parties and more parties, so I’ll do a whole week of drawing another week.

I’ve spent most of my day feeling a little bit ill and learning how to use Blender, so this is more of an experiment than anything. I used a tutorial by istarlome to create this. I found that if you check the Colour option under the Trace tab it will attempt to colour the image as well. Using Inkscape to create halftones could well be a powerful way to do it and gives you many options for editing and customisation.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week of pictures!

Another Tree

I missed yesterdays image, so here it is today. I could’ve shown it last night but it just looked terrible, so thought I’d do some more on it first.

I think I like trees, especially judging by the number of trees in my sketchbook!

Still got another one to do today, and then I’ll call it quits

It’s the dreaded Christmas tree!

I’m not a very Christmasy type person. I’m not against it or anything, I just don’t really get into the spirit of it. However, I just heard a very festive song on the radio and since that all I can see are Christmas Trees! So here’s one for ya!

Penguin for the winter

A little something for you guys for the winter

I’m currently pursuing other things, like invigilating at the Heard and Not Seen exhibition amongst other stuff, which I’ll be sure to let you in on in due course 😉

I’m gonna try and do a vector drawing every day this week. We’ll see how this pans out, though I think it could go well as this only took 30 mins to do.

Vacant – Illustration Friday

This is my submission for the Illustration Friday topic, Vacant

I interpreted vacant to mean blank and with that came the image of a blank piece of paper. A blank paper is very daunting to many artists and it’s no different with me. However if I start at a paper and think long enough usually ideas just start to come out at me. I portrayed this by using very light colours for the lettering and scenery.

You may have noticed that it’s a very minimal style than what I usually do. Probably not something that will stick, but I’ll develop ways of using it.

I had a slightly mild cold (working title) [wip]

This is something that came from a drawing session awhile back. I took one aspect of the drawing and started repeating and morphing it. I’m thinking of incorporating some miscellaneous objects in there somewhere.

Self Portrait [wip] pt2

Here’s another screenshot.

Having some problems with the hair though…

Self Portrait 2008 [wip]

Haven’t done a portrait in a while, let alone a self-portrait.

Self Portrait

Just a work in progress. To be completed sometime soon


Watch as it flies by….