Some more work in progress

This piece was originally entitled Krap. It started out with the text and was a reflection on my mood. This I felt was quite negative so I added the faces and am now transforming it into a portrait of a man who loves music!

A reflection of my mood and also my first of this style to be drawn directly into the computer! It was a lot easier than I thought. In Inkscape I just pressed Ctrl + L to get rid of all of the extra nodes then smoothed it all out. This piece will make a lot more sense soon!

I had a slightly mild cold (working title) [wip]

This is something that came from a drawing session awhile back. I took one aspect of the drawing and started repeating and morphing it. I’m thinking of incorporating some miscellaneous objects in there somewhere.

Self Portrait [wip] pt2

Here’s another screenshot.

Having some problems with the hair though…

Self Portrait 2008 [wip]

Haven’t done a portrait in a while, let alone a self-portrait.

Self Portrait

Just a work in progress. To be completed sometime soon

Birmingham – Work in progress #4

These are the last two screenshots I’ll show as it’s nearly finished. I don’t wanna ruin the final piece 😉 The other three are looking great as well. A few more minor adjustments to each and then off to print! Don’t forget to come along, join the facebook group or whatever!

Birmingham – Work in progress #2

With the Insectoid performance over I thought it a good time to get on with the work for the upcoming B-VAC exhibition. It should all hopefully be done by next week. Here’s two progress shots in the meantime

Progress shot of my work for BVAC exhibition Progress shot of work for the upcoming B-VAC exhibition

Expect the usual infusion of colour!

New artwork

Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition has an exhibition coming up, and I’m making some new artwork for it. As a little experiment I’ll be showing you the progress shots from one of the pieces. Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Progress shot of new artowrk

Achieved today in Illustrator. You can also look at the Sketchbook page for more of an idea of what I’m doing.