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Martin Grech

He is a genius! And here’s why:


Despite not being old enough to have heard it the first time ’round it would seem I really am in love with everything from the early 90’s

This isn’t to say that everything being produced now is a big pile of rubbish. Times change and sounds change. This is just one sound I’d like to hear more of.

Mingling and Mistletoe

a.a.s did a performance at the Crowd6 event Mingling and Mistletoe on Saturday evening. It involved us dancing around a Christmas tree whilst vaguely chanting the theme from a popular product and then spewing our guts all over the tree. We then crawled back to our cave whilst blood dripped from our guts creating a pool of festive gore for onlookers to gaze at. Wonderful!

Here’s a video of the performance courtesy of Ana Artstalking (who’s review you can read here). Enjoy!