Variations on a theme by Casey & Finch #2

For the second and subsequent variations I used only seven instances of the chorus line as a source. For this variation I then wrote a script on each of the seven videos that created 90 segments of varying lengths (up to 0.999 seconds) from random positions in the video. I then finally composed them into one video.


With a shorter source input, this variation is more rhythmic than the first. There are more instances of the audio resembling a stuttering CD, though still lots of instances where it jumps around erratically.


This script requires libav to run and has been tested on Ubuntu 13.04.

#Usage: ./ /path/to/file.avi
#e.g. ./ video.avi

filenumber=$(printf "%05d")
while [ $filenumber -le 90 ]

#calculate the length of the video
length=`expr $(avprobe -loglevel error -show_streams $1 | grep duration | cut -f 2 -d = | head -1 | cut -d "." -f 1) \* 100`
#start position
startPos=$(echo "scale=2;$(shuf -i 1-$length -n 1) / 100" | bc | sed -e s/^/0/)

#define random duration (up to 0.999 seconds)
duration=$(echo "0.$RANDOM")

#get path of file
path=$( readlink -f "$( dirname "$1" )" )

#get filename minus extension
file=$(basename "$1")

#cut the video
avconv -i $1 -ss $startPos -t $duration -qscale 0 -ab 384k -y "$path"/"$filename"_"$filenumber"_cut.avi

filenumber=`expr $filenumber + 1`
filenumber=$(printf "%05d" $filenumber)