VOID Artwork

After two weeks VOID came to a close on February 21st. There were samosas. For those that weren’t able to make it down, below are the artworks that I created for the exhibition.

+52°29’13.32″, -1°54’47.58″

+52°29'13.32", -1°54'47.58"

+52°28’47.73″, -1°54’31.91″

+52°28'47.73", -1°54'31.91"

+52°28’40.59″, -1°56’8.92″

+52°28'40.59", -1°56'8.92"

The title of each piece reflects the location that they (the original pictures) were taken at. These were then reduced in size and quality using a number of different methods.

Using very similar methods, I extended this concept for a performance for the opening night of exhibition. All of the audio and visual content was source from the location of the performance which was then fed back and manipulated using lots of analogue and digital tools.

+52°29’11.82″, -1°54’29.10″