Well Now WTF? – 4th April 2020

From 22:00 GMT on 4th April I’ll be presenting a new gif or the online exhibition Well Now WTF?

Museums are closed. School is cancelled. The world is shut off and we’re stuck indoors. All the bread has been sold and Twitter has lost its mind. Fox News is killing off its own demographic. While everything is cancelled, why not have a show?

In spite of everything, Silicon Valet is pleased to present Well Now WTF?, an online exhibition curated by Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein featuring 80 artists with moving image practices opening April 4, 2020 from 5 to 10 pm EST.

With everything going on, we ask ourselves: Well Now WTF? We have no answer, but we do know how to make GIFs. We can come together and use the creative tools at our disposal to build a space for release outside of anxiety-inducing news cycles and banal social media feeds.

As co-curator Lorna Mills suggests, “Why masturbate alone, when we can all be wankers together?”

Well Now WTF? is as much an art show as a community gathering. Beginning with the opening on April 4 and throughout the exhibition, we will hold online events on the site itself and via Twitch where people can gather and talk as they would normally for a physical exhibition.

Well Now WTF? will be available online at http://wellnow.wtf/. The exhibition will be free and open to the public, with a $5 suggested, pay-what-you-wish entry that gets redistributed to the artists contributing work.

There’s sooooooo many artists taking part. Too many to list here 🙃

The work will remain on the internet forever but If you join us for the opening at 22:00 on 4th April there’ll be an online party! Details will be posted here: https://www.facebook.com/events/150877186204563/