Molécula/The Wrong Biennale

On the 16th November, my last evening of my visit to Barcelona, I perfomed with Gabriella Gardosi and Kerian Lao as Feedback Symphony at Molécula/The Wrong Biennale. We were joined by musicans Diego Lara, Evgeni Krane and Hugh Tetley.

For our performance we projected onto several layers of translucent fabric that were installed in the space. This allowed the projections to be seen from both the front and the back. It was interesting to visuals being interacted with instead of just being observed. It’s an idea that I’ll definitely explore further in the future!

Photos don’t do this experience (you had to be there), but to give you an idea watch this video of a rehearsal from August or just view the photos and videos below:

Feedback Symphony at Mutuo Centro de Arte/The Wrong Biennale


Feedback Symphony at Mutuo Centro de Arte/The Wrong Biennale


From this performance I think I’ll be looking into exploring the use of animation, drawing and sculpture/installation in my future work. I wonder if there are other local artists who I could collaborate with…

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013, 29th November

The full lineup for Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013 has just been announced. This year sees some old favourites return as well as lots of new faces from across the UK. Details below:


Revolution 33 // Bring Your Own Beamer

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013

Vivid Projects’ acclaimed 33 REVOLUTIONS programme concludes this winter with Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), a one-night celebration of the projected image. Armed with projectors, artists will descend on Vivid Projects’ space in Digbeth to create a collective Revolution #33 through a giant audio-visual environment. Join us for the finale and raise a glass to the revolution – viva the beamer!

Exhibiting artists

Antonio Roberts, Ashley James Brown, Ben Waddington, Chris Plant, chromatouch, DACHHU VISUALS, Daniel Salisbury, Dan Tombs, David Checkley, Dom Breadmore, faisfx, George Benson, Mark Murph, Michael Lightborne, Natalie O’Keeffe, Pete Ashton, Roxie Collins, Sam Alexander Mattacott, Sebastian Lenton, Sellotape Cinema, Soraya Fatha, Tim Neath, Vlad C Costache, Walter Newton


Alex Juno, Swoomptheeng DJs, Pete Ashton


Anna Horton


BYOB Birmingham
Vivid Projects
Facebook event
Full-sized poster


Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an international series of one-night exhibitions inviting artists, armed with films and projectors, to convene and explore the art of projection in an immersive environment of moving light, sound and performance. BYOB is an idea originally conceived by Berlin-based artist Rafael Rozendaal and BYOB events have been held in over 40 international cities.

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013

Molécula/The Wrong Biennale – 16th Novemebr

On Saturday 16th November I’ll be performing with Gabriella Gardosi + guest Kerian Lao as Feedback Symphony at Molécula/The Wrong Biennale in Barcelona. The event takes place at Mutuo Centro de Arte.

I don’t speak any Spanish, so here’s a full description of what we’re doing written in Spanish:

Feedback Symphony

Es un proyecto dirigido por Antonio Roberts, Gabriella Gardosi y Kerian Lao que analiza la relación entre los gráficos informatizados y dibujados a mano. Ellos trabajarán con músicos locales, artistas plásticos y artistas varios durante la semana previa al inicio de The Wrong para crear un espectáculo audiovisual de 20 minutos. En el se proyectarán imágenes en movimiento para colgar en las redes, mientras que los espectadores de a pie, a través de ellos puedan sumergirse en el proyecto.

Performance starts at around 8pm and there’ll be more throughout the night! More information on the Facebook Event.


Since we met at in 2012 I’ve been in contact with Axel Debeul a fair bit. We both share an interest in Pure Data and often help each other with our patches, including patches to glitch mp4 files, a stop-motion animation patch and various others which I have yet to release.

For #3 we worked together on an audiovisual piece. Time was very limited so we mostly worked on our parts in isolation. However, it all came together pretty well on the performance night. I utilised some of the generative visuals methods that I’ve learnt from Minuek together with a Video Scope by Critter & Guitari. As I do not own one of these yet below is a recreation of the Magnetophon piece that utilised a Panasonic WJ-AVE5 instead.



Magnetophon #3

From 31st October – 3rd November I was in Arles, France to take part in #3. Like last year, the line up was a great mixture of instrumental and electronic musicians, installations and awesome art. I had the pleasure of meeting notendo again – the previous time being GLI.TC/H 2010 – making new friends and meeting lots of old ones, and working with many inspiring people. It was also a great chance to see how all of us have changed/developed our skills over the last year.

Upon my arrival I went striaght to work and started preparing visuals for Dame Blanche and Sugarcraft, and also working with Axel Debeul (w00t) on an audiovisual performance.

The festival was very heavily documented by the organisers, so videos and photos will appear from them in the coming weeks. In the meantime below are some of my photos and lots of gifs are on Tumblr. #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3

Test Transmission

Imperica were the very first magazine/publication to interview me all the way back in 2011 for GLI.TC/H Birmingham. Since then the magazine is still going strong and they’ve recently launched an online shop where you can buy books, clothes(?) and other stuff. To celebrate this new venture I was asked to make some art!

Test Transmission

Test Transmission

Test Transmission

Test Transmission

The series, entitled Test Transmission, is, like the shop itself, an experiemnt and a bit of a risk, but one that will hopefully pay off eventually! They were made using various bits of hardware and software whilst I was in Arles for, which I’ll write about shortly.

Y’all can buy them now for only £6.72.