GIFbites/Bitrates – 23rd – 29th May

From 23rd to 29th May I’ll have a gif and audio thing being exhibited online via Iran (yes, the Iran) at Bitrates/GIFbites


Bitrates is the first New Media Art exhibition in the city of Shiraz in Iran, curated and organized by artists Morehshin Allahyari and Mani Nilchiani, hosted by Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project at Shiraz Artist House. With a vision to create a space dedicated to emerging artistic practices, workshops, talks, presentations and exhibitions, Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project (co-founded by Mohsen hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh) seeks to expose the creative community and general public to the potentials of new technologies and New Media theory and practice.

GIFbites is one of the projects of Bitrates exhibition (organized by Daniel Rourke). For the opening of Bitrates, a selected version of this project will be displayed in the gallery, followed by a complete showcase of all the GIFs for the GIFbites exhibition

You can view all of the pieces on a self-reloading page or, if you don’t value your eyesight, go directly to my piece.

Pop-Up Library & Exhibition, Art Market San Francisco – 15th-18th May

Art Market San Francisco is taking place from 15th – 18th May and I’m gonna have some things for display there.


POP UP LIBRARY + EXHIBITION, a project organized by Nate Hooper from The Popular Workshop and Andrew McClintock from SFAQ in partnership with Adobe Typekit at the 2014 edition of Art Market in San Francisco

Publications showcasing selections from Adobe Typekit’s design and typography library will be presented alongside the work of internationally based digital artists, publishers, designers and collectives. The Pop-Up Exhibition & Library will serve as a physical space for exploring issues surrounding contemporary digital-based art practices. Works will span a wide variety of mediums, from traditional print form to digital media installations and Internet based works.

I’ll be showing works alongside the likes of Rafaël Rozendaal, Petra Cortright, Yoshi Sodeoka, Anthony Antonellis, Undervolt, Imperica and many more ++

There’ll also be talks from Rafaël Rozendaal and Ceci Moss. All the details are here here here here. I hear they’re doing a complimentary free day pass as well 😉 You should go because I can’t (stupid expensive flights)

Next Wave – 15th May – 7th June

From 15th May to 7th June I’ll be exhibting new(ish) work at the RBSA as part of the Next Wave exhibition.


Next Wave is an entirely new venture for the RBSA. It is the first project based on the professional practice of early career artists to take place at the Gallery and has been designed to help support and promote both new graduates and those up to ten years post-qualification.

Seven emerging artists have been selected with the aim of creating a new style of exhibition within the gallery spaces. In an exciting initiative, exhibitors have been encouraged to develop their professional experience by contributing to the range of activities and events involved in the creation of a successful exhibition.

It is hoped that Next Wave will foster critical engagement, lively debate and networking opportunities for the art community and public alike, and at the same time strive to extend and diversify the audience for art in the region.

spɛl ænd spik, originally comissioned by Electronic Voice Phenomena, will be having its first IRL screening at the exhibition, alongside the work of nine other artists and RBSA curators.

In addition to being open during general opening times there’ll be an open evening on Thursday 15 May, 17.00 – 21.00 (part of the Art Bus thingy), and a Celebratory Open Day on Saturday 17 May, 14.00 – 16.00. Be there and be square!

Light Night Liverpool 2014, May 16th

On 16th May I’ll be in Liverpool for a performance with Rachel Sweeney of a piece developed for Light Night Liverpool 2014.



9pm – 10.30pm
Ropewalks Square, FACT, Liverpool

Glitch artist Antonio Roberts presents a new aspect to his work exploring error, working in tandem with butoh inflected dance performed by Rachel Sweeney. Computer interface, digital image, human body and choreography are drawn into beautiful maelstrom of system error. The public are invited to join in and excert their own influence over this unwieldy system for control.

Commissioned by Mercy and Hive as part of the Syndrome programme.

In partnership with FACT, as part of Light Night 2014

It’s free, fun, and also fun!