MozFest, 28th – 30th October

I’m happy to announce that myself and Nick Briz will be co-artists in residence for MozFest 2016 from 28th – 30th October via the MozEx exhibition.

For those not in the know MozFest is an annual event celebrating free culture and a free and open internet:


Every autumn for the last six years, the global community working for a free and open internet has converged to create, make and design strategies and tools to support and protect our essential internet freedoms.

The Festival has grown to become one of the most prestigious events on the internet calendar, so much so that around 1,700 people attend from more than 50 countries every year. MozFest focuses on five key themes that are crucial to the free and open internet.

Our participation comes as a result of the MozEx exhibition/fringe event. The exhibition, which is a partnership between MozFest, V&A and Tate, has already had a fringe event as part of the festival – the Digital Artists Show ad Tell – and a publication which showcases the work of artists that links between art, society, and the digital world.

Myself and Nick will be there for the whole festival so come and say hi!

Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016, 28th October 2016 – 5th February 2017

Ways of Something, the visual remix/remake of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, will be seeing a screening at Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 at the Whitney Museum of American Art: from 28th October 2016 to 5th February 2017.


Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 focuses on the ways in which artists have dismantled and reassembled the conventions of cinema—screen, projection, darkness—to create new experiences of the moving image. The exhibition will fill the Museum’s 18,000-square-foot fifth-floor galleries, and will include a film series in the third-floor theater.

The exhibition’s title refers to the science fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft’s alternate fictional dimension, whose terrain of cities, forests, mountains, and an underworld can be visited only through dreams. Similarly, the spaces in Dreamlands will connect different historical moments of cinematic experimentation, creating a story that unfolds across a series of immersive spaces.

The exhibition will be the most technologically complex project mounted in the Whitney’s new building to date, embracing a wide range of moving image techniques, from hand-painted film to the latest digital technologies. The works on view use color, touch, music, spectacle, light, and darkness to confound expectations, flattening space through animation and abstraction, or heightening the illusion of three dimensions.

If you don’t already know about Ways of Something just Google it 😉 Over 100 international artists have reinterpretd Ways of Seeing in their own aesthetic and style. I had a bit in Episode 2.


I’m having a major case of #FOMO that I can’t be there to see it so you should see it for me). Thanks as always to Lorna Mills for the invite!

Digital Artist Show & Tell, 11th October

On 11th October I’ll be back at Tate Britain to deliver a short talk and demonstration about my work at the Digital Artist Show & Tell as part of Mozilla Festival/MozFest 2016:


This Show & Tell will connect and focus on Mozilla Festival 2016, a digital art exhibition co-curated by digital learning teams at Tate and V&A, collaborating with the Mozilla Foundation for the Mozilla Festival 2016 (Ravensbourne, London, 28th-30th of October 2016).

The exhibit explores links between art, society, and the digital world. Explore the value of art to society through web literacy, digital inclusion and accessibility, privacy, policy, and hacking. Artists, designers, creative technologists, makers, coders, scientists, visual journalists – from techies to newbies! – join the conversation that relates to our lives online.

The event takes place over 10th – 11th October from 13:00 – 16:30 – I’ll be there on the 11th – and includes appearances from the likes of Emily Thorn, Kat Braybrooke and Will Hurt. Come on down, it’s free!