Common Property exhibition tour, 15th February

On 15th February there will be a tour of the Common Property exhibition at Jerwood Space. To end the tour I’ll be doing a Sonification Studies performance tailored to the exhibition.


An Exhibition Tour of Jerwood Encounters: Common Property led by curator of the exhibition, Hannah Pierce, and Jerwood Visual Arts’ Writer in Residence, Tom Overton.

As a finale to the tour Antonio Roberts, exhibiting artist in Common Property, will perform Sonification Studies. Using Pixel Player (a piece of software created and released by the artist) Roberts will, in real time, translate a selection of images into audio and glitched visuals.

Pixel Player is an update of Pixel Waves, also created and released by Antonio Roberts. It was developed after a visit to The Cyborg Foundation in Barcelona in 2013, and allows the sonification of images based on the colour/RGB values of individual pixels.

Sonification Studies has previous been performed as part of the exhibition, glitChicago, Chicago, 2014..

This event is free but booking is required via Eventbrite