DNMw3rkstati0n:: D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ thread at GLI.TC/H – Saturday 8th December

I’ll be taking part in the DNMw3rkstati0n:: as part of GLI.TC/H on Saturday 8th December from 10-12pm at High Concept Labs

Dirty New Media

GET: dowwwn && durty IRL && online wit teh DNMw3rkstati0n:: crewww @ GLI.TC/H 2112 in Chicago! The DNMw3rkstati0n:: is an open safe space/place/work{station|shop} set aside @ GLI.TC/H for enagaging eXXXperimentz in the arts of D1RTY N3W M3DI∆!

NEXT: BYOC (Bring Your Own Computers) TO: HIGH CONCEPT LABS (1401 W. Wabansia Chicago IL, 60642) && receive tutorials on D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ aestheticonceptechniques such as:

!!! Eric Fleischauer eXXXplains HOW TO: MAKE ANIMATED GIFs in the D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ (lyfe_)STYLES !!!
!!! Rick Silva + co-collaborators / co-conspirators eXXXplore EXPERIMENTAL 3D wit UNITY !!!
!!! Antonio Roberts (AKA hellocatfood) eXXXposes PURELY DIRTY SIDE OF PURE DATA !!!

THEN: wwwerkz created in / on / @ the DNMw3rkstati0n:: will be collected && displayed in via our tumblr: http://dirtynewmedia.tumblr.com + in our ☆ DNMw3rkstati0n OPENING + THREAD OUTPUT @ TRITRIANGLE (1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3 Chicago, IL 60622) ON: ☽ SAT DEC 8 – 10 PM!

The ☆ DNMw3rkstati0n OPENING + THREAD OUTPUT @ TRITRIANGLE will also feature:
★ Arcangel Constantini’s Bondage/Bending/ project + jonCates’ DVD-RɔH!\/3, a bitcrushed archive of mini moments of D1RTY N3W M3DI∆ over the last 1337 years!

I’ll be doing a showing y’all how to use Pure Data for pure glitchyness and randomness. It’ll be happening alongside a workshop from stAllio.

Full Schedule can be found on the GLI.TC/H website or Dirty New Media Toolkit blog/FB.