Algorave Cafe Oto – March 5th 2020

On Thursday 5th I’ll be back in London to perform at an Algorave at Cafe Oto

I’ll be playing an audio set alongside music and visuals from Deep Vain, Eye Measure, Hortense, Jude Marcella, Mahalia Henry-Richards, Miri Kat, Renick Bell, Seth De Silva, Yaxu, +777000 and hmurd.

Tickets are £15 plus booking for and can purchased from the Cafe Oto website.

Last time I was at Cafe Oto was 11 years ago for an Openlab workshop + performance which helped me on my path to explore programming as a creative practice, so it’s nice to be back but this time performing. 🙂

Afrotech Fest Opening Party

The Friday opening party showcases visual and sound artists, live music and a host of other events to get our attendees energised for the weekend ahead.


This piece explores the beauty of South African music and it’s many sub genres. During this performance new media artist Antonio Roberts will provide live Visuals backed by an energetic DJ set from Charisse C.

Granular: The Material Properties of Noise, 16th January – 3rd February

From 16th January – 3rd February my 2016 piece Transformative Use will be on show at University of Greenwich as part of Granular: The Material Properties of Noise.

Granular noise is explored as a condition of material transfer in this exhibition. A central concern across the works on display is the material state change that occurs within the processes of mediation. Here, disintegration and/or reintegration of elements at a granular level is encountered as a mode of transference between states, whether physical or digital, and as a phase at which a thing starts or ceases to be.

Exhibiting artists include: Jim Hobbs, Benjamin McDonnell, Antonio Roberts, David Ryan, Audrey Samson and Rob Smith.

The exhibition features my work Transformative Use, which was originally commissioned by Hannah Pierce for the Common Property exhibition in 2016. It’s the first time it’s been exhibited since then. If you want to see some work-in-progress installation shots check out my all new arty Instagram account.

Alongside the exhibition is the Granular Colloquium, taking place on 27th January:

Utilising a range of formats from audio-visual performance to talks, this event is an experiential investigation of noise as a granular entity. State changes are a central theme. Processes of disintegration and/or reintegration of material elements at a granular level are explored, both as the mode of transference between states (whether physical or digital) and the means by which a thing starts or ceases to be.

I’ll be at that, talking a bit about glitch and its relation to copyright, as well as regular ol’ copyright. Tickets are £10.

If you didn’t get the chance to see Transformative Use in 2016 now is a great time to see a new and updated configuration of it.

Common Property opening

Common Property held its opening event at Jerwood Space on 14th.


Jerwood Encounters: Common Property seeks to demonstrate how artists engage with and relate to copyright through the work of six emerging and mid-career artists, including three new commissions. The exhibition and accompanying events programme seeks to generate new conversations about how copyright is currently impacting the way visual artists make and distribute their work, and demonstrates how artists are challenging the limitations of copyright through their practice.

The exhibition features new commissions by myself, Owen G Parry and Hannah Knox alongside existing works by Edwin Burdis, Rob Myers and SUPERFLEX.

I’m really impressed by curator Hannah Pierce‘s selection of artists and artworks that each deal with the broad topic of Copyright in very different ways.


For this exhibition I developed two new works, Transformative Use and a collection of four works, I Disappear, Blurred Lines, My Sweet Lord and Ice Ice Baby.

Common Property

Photos in this post by Hydar Dewachi.

Transformative Use

Common Property

Common Property

This work builds upon the Dead Copyright piece made for the Permission Taken exhibition at Birmingham Open Media and targets one corporation.

I Disappear, Blurred Lines, My Sweet Lord, Ice Ice Baby

These four pieces use the sonification techniques developed in 2013 to create audiovisual data remixes of songs that are well known due to being involved in course cases about copyright.

Common Property

Common Property

Already there has been a writing and events surrounding the exhibition. a-n published an interview with myself, Owen G Parry and Hannah Pierce, and on 21st January a panel discussion took place at London Art Fair about Copyright and Intellectual Property. The panel consisted of myself, Hannah Pierce and Shane Burke and was chaired by Shonagh Manson. Future events include a fan club event by Owen G Parry on 29th January and a tour of the exhibition on February 15th that will conclude with a Sonification Studies performance by me.



My thanks go out to Hannah Pierce for selecting me for inclusion in this exhibition and to the whole of the Jerwood Visual Arts team for their help installing the works. The exhibition continues at Jerwood Space until 21st February.

Algorave, 18th December

For what might be final gig of the year I’ll be returning to London (I’m there quite a lot these days) for an Algorave at Power Lunches:


The packed night features artists like Holger Ballweg, Shelly Knotts, Slub and Dario Villanueva against a backdrop of visuals from myself, Rituals and

More information on the Facebook and y’all should buy tickets.

Expect fairy lights.

Lumiére, 20th September

On Friday 20th September the Dark, Eerie and Manic remix video by myself and Alex Juno will be showing at Bloc Projects in Sheffield as part of Lumiére from 18:30 (Facebook event link).

Lumiére Screening

Lumière‘s focus is on the concept of light. Light and time; light and vision; light and being; light and perception. Light is something so simple, yet indefinite and vital. It allows us to see; it can expose and reveal but also hide and conceal; it can create different moods; it can be used, manipulated, obscured or enhanced by us but it is always there.

This travelling film screening then makes its way to Power Lunches in London on October 8th (Facebook event link), with more screenings to be announced in the future. Keep an eye on the Screenings page for up-to-date information. I think they’re still looking for other venues, so if your city/venue *cough*Birmingham*cough* wants to host one get in touch

BYOB Boiler Room – 22nd July

On Monday 22nd July I’ll be off to London to take part in a rather special edition of Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), which sees the usual barrage of artists project against a backdrop of music from Mark Ronson and others!

BYOB Boiler Room

This edition of BYOB will feature 28 visual artists (myself included) and will run from 7pm-11pm at a venue somewhere in East London. It’s invite-only, but as with all Boiler Room shows it’ll be streamed live, so tune in!

Video documentation

Freecode at The reUNION, 13th July 2012

On Friday 13th July I’ll be performing with Freecode at The reUNION in London from around 6pm

The reUNION is a new Public House, in the spirit of the 1830 Beer Act in which anyone could apply for a licence and open up their front room to the public, to sell – and even brew – beer from their own home.

It’s all free and will be going on till about 22:30. Directions can be found here, although it’s a 5 minute walk from Southwark or Borough Tube station, so should be easy to find

Bus Tops

Please excuse the delay in alerting you about Bus Tops. I’ve been away in Brussels attending the Libre Graphics Research Unit‘s Co-Position meeting, for which there will be a writeup of shortly 😉

A team of artists in London have worked awesomely hard to bring you the greatest thing to happen to the top of bus stops. Evar! Bus-Tops brings still and animated art to the top of 30 bus stops around London. This video best explains what it’s all about:

For the last half of February these screens will feature glitch art works by myself and others, chosen by D0DD, administrator of the Glitches group on Flickr. Others featured include Glitch-Irion, Stallio, Pixel Noizz, Notendo, Bit-Synthesis and Gridworks1. Below is one of the works – Jumper – created for this project, juxtaposed with the original

If you’re able to capture any images of any of the works in action I know we’d be happy to see them!

dev8d 2010

From February 2th6 to 27th I was in London for dev8d. It describes itself as:

Dev8D is 4 days of 100% pure software developer heaven. It will be intense. It will be exhilarating. It will make you a better programmer.

• Learn to use unfamiliar languages (such as Python, Ruby and Clojure)
• Team up with other developers and build rapid development projects for tech prizes
• Take part in lightning session discussions with industry experts
• Swap skills and ideas with other developers

It was indeed like some kind of heaven! I arrived later in the week on Friday, but I still learnt quite a lot. I spent a lot of my time in the Expert Zone and at GB’s Arduino workshops.

Think of the Expert Zone as a more relaxed Pecha Kucha or Ignite. You get 15 minutes to talk about or promote whatever you want. I gave a short presentation on hackerspaces, with particular emphasis on fizzPOP, and why you should either form one or join one.

The Arduino workshops, led by fizzPOP regular GB, were really fun.

img_7101.jpg (by benc)

I’ve had an Arduino ever since the Howduino event last year but I’ve never really played around with it. Being around lots of people who are in the same position really helped me to make a move in learning it. In the end I got lots of LED’s flashing and a little buzzer to play some music. A small achievement to some, but a massive leap into the world of electronics!

Being at dev8d (and at the GNOME Hackfest, which I’ll write about another time) really taught me a lot about software development. It all starts with an idea, but taking that idea and turning it into a reality I feel is best achieved in a group setting with those who can contribute ideas and skills.

Congrats to the dev8d and devCSI team for putting on a very successful event. I’ll definitely be along next year!