Join artist and occasional musician Antonio Roberts (aka @hellocatfood) for a live audio visual party for all of the gifs stuck at home. Want to join in? Send a picture or gif of you dancing (against a green screen or solid colour) to

Algomech Algorave

At AlgoMech 2017 we aim to take Algorave to the next level, bringing together some of the best algorithmic (and mechanical) dance music producers and VJs, playing over Sheffield’s fiendish DangerNoise soundsystem, with immersive projections covering the walls of Millennium Gallery. As with the rest of the festival we’ll be mixing mechanisms with the algorithms, showcasing repetitive dance music made from handmade robots as well as live code.



The live-coding future fun has so far shown up in places such as Tokyo, Barcelona, Sydney, Sheffield, Toronto, London, Amsterdam and Porto. Come the end of the month, some of the scene’s main proponents will converge on the Old Police House in Gateshead.

There’ll be other things popping off around the house too.

Suggested donation £3

Bring Your Own

All Your Bass Algorave

Algorave breaks down the artificial barriers which many types of music-making software bring, allowing musicians to compose and work live with their music as algorithms. This is no new idea but Algoraves’ focus on humans making and dancing to music leads to a good party.

BiLE Business

The world of BiLE is a busy one recently! On January 3rd we were featured in an article in the Financial Times about Laptop Orchestra’s

BiLE in the Financial Times

Read the interview here

Thanks to Alex Newman for writing the article. The article also makes reference to Network Music Festival, which is taking place in from 27-29th January in various locations around Birmingham.

The festival will featrue performances, workshops and lectures from national and international laptop ensembles and performers including Benoît and the Mandelbrots – we both performed at Laptops Meet Musicians Festival in Venice last year – and BiLE


Local journalist Ross Cotton interviewed BiLE ahead of our performance next week:

With elements of both art and music within their sound, BiLE fuse together two creative outlets and present their experiments through performance.

“It’s very much a musical background that we all come from, and I think that translates into the approach that we take” says Iain.


“We’re more about exploring other avenues alongside the other things that we are doing. But the stuff that we’re doing in BiLE is definitely influencing my other compositions. Working with a group of composers with other ideas just opens your eyes to other avenues.”

“We are always trying to create interesting music”, says fellow member Chris.

“We’re not about technical fetishes or using technology for the sake of it, we are just using technology as a way of enabling us to do interesting and new things.

“The technology is much more of an enabling factor, rather than a necessity. It’s about new ways of expression, rather than genre-based roots”, he says.

Full interview is available here

BiLE will be performing XYZ and will be premiering Laptopera. In terms of visuals, for this performance I wanted to move away from using pre-recorded videos and instead use purely generative visuals. This required me to learn a lot about using particles in GEM – [part_head], [part_velocity] etc. Here’s a preview of the results for XYZ and Laptopera.

It still needs a bit of work, but it’s coming along nicely!

Tickets for Network Music Festival can be bought from the website and costs from £8 for day tickets to £25 for a weekend pass.

Click to buy

FreeCode/FreeJazz video

FreeCode/FreeJazz was a great way to spend a nice day in the park! Thanks to all those who came down! 🙂

Photo by Minuek

Fierce has written a great overview of the evening and other events that happened at the Burningham space:

The evening saw the first live performance as a collective who were complimented by the sounds from Andy Sax (recorded with plan b) who improvised a live saxophone performance that included an injection of musical tweakery and an audio that responded to the atmosphere and vibe within the space.

This performance enabled non programmers to become absorbed in the audio and visual elements from a group of individuals who have collectively transcended their developing experimentations. The evening provoked a sense of intrigue and an exchange of dialogue between an audience that was exposed to the interactions and tools that are becoming instrumental for a new generation of artists.

And for those more visually inclined Minuek shot some footage throughout the night:

More code jamming to come soon!

BiLE at SOUNDkitchen, 17th March 2011

On Thursday 17th March from 8pm I’ll be providing visuals for BiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble) at SOUNDktichen Balkan Fusion at the Hare and Hounds

BiLE are a collaborative group of composers (instrumental and electroacoustic), performers and programmers who are all active members of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre). The core group of six artists were brought together through their shared interest in live performance and desire to perform and improvise together in an interactive ensemble.

This will be my first foray into the land of live visuals and certainly not my last. I’m really excited about this as long as my computer doesn’t crash it’ll be an awesome set! Get your tickets here.

The Institute of Psychoplasmics

The Institute of Psychoplasmics presents an offsite evening of live art. I’ll be taking part in it with the Insectoid crew!:

Empire and Daughter Isotope + Insectoid (offsite performance event)

A one off performance by Tai Shani featuring epic prog band Guapo and electroclash diva Angie Reed. Cannibalizing pulp film and fiction through black magic cult rituals, a mini mouse anti-sacrifice of twelve virgins is crowned by five tableaux of notorious Satanist Anton Lavey posing in nudist magazine Jaybird.

Insectoid’s hive colonise the stage and perform their own entomological rites, exploring insect behaviour to produce exoskeletal sounds.

8 May doors at 20:00, performance starts 20:30

Shoreditch Town Hall,
380 Old st.
London EC1V 9LP

Tickets are £4 advance, £5 on the door and are available from The Pump House or via PayPal payment to

Come along to it, even if you’re not in the London area!

Mingling and Mistletoe

a.a.s did a performance at the Crowd6 event Mingling and Mistletoe on Saturday evening. It involved us dancing around a Christmas tree whilst vaguely chanting the theme from a popular product and then spewing our guts all over the tree. We then crawled back to our cave whilst blood dripped from our guts creating a pool of festive gore for onlookers to gaze at. Wonderful!

Here’s a video of the performance courtesy of Ana Artstalking (who’s review you can read here). Enjoy!