Late at Tate Britain: Spire

A night inspired by John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

Painted over 180 years ago and now considered a masterpiece, this event is inspired by John Constable’s painting Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

Join a mix of artists, DJ’s and creatives to respond to the painting and discover what it means to you today.

Salisbury Cathedral has stained glass windows dating back to the medieval times. What would digital stained glass look like? Join New Media artist Antonio Roberts to find out.

Digital Artist Show & Tell, 11th October

On 11th October I’ll be back at Tate Britain to deliver a short talk and demonstration about my work at the Digital Artist Show & Tell as part of Mozilla Festival/MozFest 2016:


This Show & Tell will connect and focus on Mozilla Festival 2016, a digital art exhibition co-curated by digital learning teams at Tate and V&A, collaborating with the Mozilla Foundation for the Mozilla Festival 2016 (Ravensbourne, London, 28th-30th of October 2016).

The exhibit explores links between art, society, and the digital world. Explore the value of art to society through web literacy, digital inclusion and accessibility, privacy, policy, and hacking. Artists, designers, creative technologists, makers, coders, scientists, visual journalists – from techies to newbies! – join the conversation that relates to our lives online.

The event takes place over 10th – 11th October from 13:00 – 16:30 – I’ll be there on the 11th – and includes appearances from the likes of Emily Thorn, Kat Braybrooke and Will Hurt. Come on down, it’s free!

Late at Tate – Disrupt

Whilst I’m away in Toronto for Libre Graphics Meeting, two new commissioned pieces will be screening at Late at Tate: Disrupt at Tate Britain on Friday 1st May from 18:00.


This year, Late at Tate Britain re-launches with a new series taking place over April, May and June exploring the theme of speculation. What does it mean to speculate? Consider, wonder, suppose or propose. Join us as we question, transform and disrupt ideas around art and creativity.

For the second event of the series titled DISRUPT, join in with alternative ways of experiencing Tate Britain and Tate’s collection. Sound researchers, theorists, musicians and performance artists will present alternative interpretations of the gallery environment to disrupt the way you think about and experience art and artists.

The two pieces, titled Unstable Mediums, turn two of the pieces in Tate’s collection – Ecstasy by Eric Gill and Eve by Sir Thomas Brock – into fluid materials. If you head over to my tumblr you can see previews of the pieces. They will be projected and looped in the Octagon space alongside work by a range of rad peeps! It all takes place from 18:00 – 22:00 and it’s all free!

Loud Tate: Code – 8th November

On 8th November a new video work of mine will be screened at Tate Britain as part of Loud Tate




Head over to Tate Britain for a fascinating free day of art, music and performance curated by Tate Collective London. BP Loud Tate: Code explores how codes in language, fashion and technology shape culture, inspired by the displays at Tate Britain.

The video work, which will be joined by three other awesome glitch artists, will be projected somewhere in the gallery, so get hunting!

In addition to all the other activities going on throughout the day – t-shirt making, zine making, DJs and music – Rosa Menkman will be giving a talk/workshop about glitch art, which I highly recommend attending. Come meet us all!