CopyCamp, 28th – 29th September

This September I’ll be flying out to Warsaw, Poland to take part in CopyCamp 2017. The Internet of Copyrighted Things.

Is your life affected by copyright? No doubts if you are into culture, as you are certainly aware that you have to adjust to it when building upon others’ work or when planning to make a living from creativity. You must have heard about copyright also if you are a teacher, a scientist, or a programmer, as copyright-protected works are used in education, research, and technology.

But were you aware that using a mixture of copyrights, other exclusive rights such patents or database rights, and technology (the so-called DRM) virtually all information goods may be appropriated? In the age of “Internet of Things” this means that more and more things you own contain a computer program or data subject to someone else’s exclusive control. Obviously, this has a profound impact on every aspect of everyone’s life.

The primary goal of CopyCamp 2017 is to broaden the scope of the debate about exclusive rights. We want to talk about culture, science, and education, but we also want to discuss how exclusive rights are used in, for example, health and food. We will listen to stories touching on real-life issues in the following thematic tracks:

  • business models, heritage digitization, remix
  • health, food, security, and exclusive rights
  • text and data mining, machine learning, online education
  • IoT: autonomous cars, smart homes, wearables
  • hacking government data, public procurement, public aid in culture

I’ll be delivering a presentation about copyright and digital culture, focusing largely on the No Copyright Infringement Intended exhibition that took place at Phoenix in Leicester and will be making it’s way to Vivid Projects in September. I’ll be talking alongside a great many copyright experts, artists, hackers and more including Mitch Altman and Nick Briz.

Did I mention it’s all free?

Many thanks to Near Now for providing financial support for me to be able to attend CopyCamp.

Upcoming Algoraves, June – August 2017

I’ll be performing at a number of Algoraves this Summer, and rather than make posts for each one here’s a list of ones happening between June – August:

Supersonic Festival, 16th June

Supersonic Festival is back in Birmingham after a one-year break and I’m curating and performing at it’s first Algorave. Alongside Mothwasp the Algorave will feature a collaboration between Heavy Lifting and Blood Sport with me on visuals, BITLIP, and Miri Kat.

BUMP, 23rd June

BUMP is a one-day design conference taking place in Kortrijk, Belgium. The lineup features speakers including Moon Ribas and Alex McLean amongst many others. Myself, Yaxu, and Algobabez will be providing algorithmic beats and visuals at the afterparty at De Kreun Rooftop.

bluedot festival, 9th July

After an amazing first appearance at bluedot in 2016, Algorave will be back at bluedot festival in Greater Manchester on 9th July. The lineup includes myself on visuals, with Coral Manton, Calum Gunn, Anny, Belisha Beacon, Canute, and Miri Kat.

Green Man festival, 19th August

Algorave will be making its first appearance at Einstein’s Garden at Green Man festival in Abergavenny, Wales. Lineup includes Qirky, Joanne, littlelifeform, Yaxu, and

If you wanna keep up with what I’m doing be sure to check out my events page or follow my Tweets.

No Copyright Infringement Intended Curator’s Tour, 11th May

On 11th May I’ll be conducting a curator’s tour of the No Copyright Exhibition currently on at Phoenix in Leicester

Join No Copyright Infringement Intended curator Antonio Roberts for a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a chance to ask questions about the show. The tour will be preceded by a short presentation called Ctrl + C, looking at the one-way system of cultural appropriation by corporations.

The tour is free to attend. No booking necessary.

There will be two tours on the day taking place from 13:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 19:00. This will be a great chance to ask questions about the works and curatorial decisions. See you there!

Copyright as Frame and Prison: A Public Discussion, 28th April

On 28th April from 18:30 to 20:30 there will be panel discussion, Copyright as Frame and Prison, to coincide with the No Copyright Infringement Intended exhibition currently on at Phoenix in Leicester.

Alongside our exhibition No Copyright Infringement Intended, this discussion will highlight the disruptive power of technological innovation on culture and copyright.

Using the works within the exhibition as a starting point, a panel featuring artists and copyright experts will discuss how emerging technologies are shaping creative processes, how (perceptions of) copyright enable and inhibit those technologically-enabled processes and the appropriateness of appropriation.

The panel discussion will feature exhibiting artists Andrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley (Display at Your Own Risk), Duncan Poulton (Pygmalion), alongside myself (I curated this whole shindig), and Dr Shane Burke (lecturer in Law at Cardiff University).

This event is free. Tickets available here.

Ways of Something at Flatpack Festival, 9th April

Flatpack Festival, in association with Vivid Projects, will be presenting the first UK screening of all four episodes of Ways of Something on 9th April from 12:15 pm – 2:30 pm at The Victoria.

Lorna Mills, features 114 net-based artists reinterpreting John Berger’s original Ways of Seeing, leaving only the original script and voice-over in tact. The resulting piece features animation, 3D rendering, gifs, film remix and webcam performance.

I’ll be there wearing my Vivid Projects Curator hat and will be doing a short introduction to the screening (I contributed to episode two). It’s also worth checking out the screening of the original Ways of Seeing that will be happening a day earlier on 8th April. In fact, just check out the whole of Flatpack Festival ’cause it’s awesome.

No Copyright Infringement Intended, 7th April – 21st May

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be curating the No Copyright Infringement Intended exhibition at the Cube Gallery at Phoenix, Leicester, taking place from 7th April – 21st May.

Image: Still Not Sure if Art or Copyright Infringement by Emilie Gervais

No Copyright Infringement Intended is a group exhibition exploring the relationship between copyright and culture in the digital age, investigating how the concept of ownership and authorship is evolving and coming into conflict with outdated copyright and intellectual property laws.

Since the 1990s the internet has provided the opportunity for mass copying, redistribution and remixing of content – profoundly changing the way culture is produced and shared and sparking legal battles and debates that still rage on. Today, the increasing availability of technologies like 3D scanning and 3D printing have extended the ability to digitally copy and reproduce to the physical realm.

For many people now, mass sharing, copying and remixing seems like a natural form of self expression. Rather than embracing this change and using it to their advantage, rights holders and lawyers often resort to reinforcing outdated laws – penalising those who copy – and placing barriers on technology’s ability to share information and content freely.

Meanwhile, among artists there is widespread misunderstanding of copyright and how it affects their work. The phrase “No Copyright Infringement Intended” is often used as an attempt to avoid repercussions of copyright infringement. The phrase has no legal standing, but its widespread usage shows a lack of awareness of existing laws and the consequences of breaking them.

Featuring 10 national and international artists working across a range of creative practices, the exhibition highlights the ongoing tension between production and copyright, considers the new artistic, social and political possibilities created through this tension and suggests new ways forward for artists, rights holders and the wider creative community.

The exhibition features work by Nick Briz, Emilie Gervais, Nicolas Maigret, Christopher Meerdo, Jan Nikolai Nelles & Nora Al-Badri, Duncan Poulton, Fernando Sosa, Andrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley.

In addition to the awesome exhibited works there will be a panel discussion and curator’s tour. More information on those to follow.

Many thanks to Phoenix/Chris Tyrer for inviting me to curate this exhibition and Arts Council England for their support 💯

Black Hole Club 2017 launch, 3rd March

Black Hole Club officially returns on March 3rd with a takeover of Digbeth first Friday’s event at Vivid Projects. The night will feature the work of members both new and existing.

The Black Hole Club returns with a night of experimental new work in progress featuring performance, video, slides and assemblages. Focusing on the world around us, the works explore brutalism and taxonomies of the city ; ritual assemblage and incantations; states of mind; narratives of water and the body … and a golden glitter bath.

Featuring: Pete Ashton, Alex Billingham, David Checkley, Elizabeth Cuffley, Ferric Lux, Patrick Goodall, Barry Griffiths, Jaime Jackson, Sian Macfarlane, David Poole, Kate Spence and Sarah Walden.

I’ve been running Black Hole Club since 2015 and have organised events for it including I Am A Strange Loop, a Dirty Video Mixer workshop, a visit to Interact Labs at Phoenix in Leicester, various Crit Clubs, and more!

There’s still time to join this year. Contact for more information.

The Arts in a Digital World Summit, 15th – 17th March

From 15th – 17th March I’ll be in Montreal, Canada to participate in the The Arts in a Digital World Summit.

Digital technologies have a major impact on how we work, communicate and engage with our community, with citizens, with the world , and the arts sector in Canada is no exception. How can the arts be amplified, adapt and thrive in the digital world? The Canada Council for the Arts is organizing The Arts in a Digital World Summit to answer these questions and more.

The Summit will initiate a series of crucial conversations within the arts community. To get the conversation started, we have invited some 250 artistic and administrative leaders in the Canadian arts sector, as well as digital experts and strategic thinkers, to represent the vast diversity of the sector and to contribute to the testing and understanding of our new Digital Fund for the arts.

Participation in the event is by invite only (soz) but some of the events will be streamed via the Summit’s website.

Art and Tech Social: Command-line image manipulation with ImageMagick, 7th March

On 7th March I’ll be delivering a short workshop at BOM on using ImageMagick for image manipulation.

Join us for local food and drinks from Southside and get hands-on making with a bunch of like-minded folks interested in art and tech. This new monthly event aims to inspire emerging creatives and offer peer-to-peer tech support in a friendly, collaborative environment. Each workshop is different, featuring a different guest speaker and activities.

ImageMagick is a suite of command-line utilities for manipulating images. Most of its capabilities can be found in programs with a graphical user interface (GUI) such as GIMP or Photoshop. ImageMagick differs in its ability to use algorithms and programming to quickly batch process a number of images, add effects, convert between common and uncommon file formats, apply filters, generative special effects, and more!

In this workshop Antonio Roberts will introduce you to the using the terminal to perform tasks usually carried out by GUI programs. By the end participants will have learnt:

  • how to install ImageMagick
  • How to convert between file formats
  • How to view advanced metadata
  • How to apply a variety of effects to images
  • How to optimize files for print and internet
  • How to create animated gifs with only a few keystrokes

The workshop is free to attend. To take part you should bring a Mac or Linux computer. ImageMagick does 100% work on Windows but the way the terminal/command line works is very different from Unix systems. For those without a Mac or Linux computer please contact If you’re feeling brave you can install ImageMagick prior to the start of the workshop.

Steve Davis DJ Set- 4th March

On 4th March Steve Davis – yes, the six-time Snooker world champion – will be doing a DJ set at Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham and I’ll be providing his visuals 🙂

Steve Davis – the legendary sporting phenomenon from the 80s who took snooker to new heights and as presenter of The Interesting Alternative Show on Pheonix FM brought prog and jazz oddities to his cult audience, now turns his hands to the decks. As a hobby which he claims has spun out of control, his notorious 2016 Glastonbury set at the 500 capacity Stonebridge bar was mobbed by a curious turned shocked and enthralled crowd. With a packed out DJ diary since, Steve has continued to woo party goers from Bluedot to Bloc Festival. Drawing from an eclectic array of influences: Magma, Caravan, Oscar Perry, Soft Machine and Gong to name but a few – Steve spins together a unique set in his quest to deliver the music he loves to lovers of the party.

Support comes from Graham Dunning. Tickets are only £15.