Dirty New Media preview: Screenings part 2

Dirty New Media will be making its way to The Barber Institute of Fine Arts on 21st March as part of the University of Birmingham’s Arts and Science Festival. Over the week I’ll be providing an overview of the upcoming event.

Screenings | 6-7pm

Modulate – O>L>S

modulate_videoDescription: A short audio visual journey exploring abstract narrative, movement, shape, colour, non verbal expression and spatial awareness. Sounds sourced from “The Octophonic Loop System”8.1 sound installation by Bobby Bird /Modulate, commissioned by Francisco Lopez.

Carrie Gates – A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of nn

carriegates_videoThe images for this work were created in 2003 for a project where Carrie used a piece of OS9 software art by Adrian Ward called “A portrait of Netochka Nezvanova” to create a generative video collage of a collection of over 10 000 .psd files Carrie had prepared on the topic of “cyberculture”. This video is the remix, prepared in Feb. 2013 for an online exhibition by Ellectra Radikal and Systaime Alias Michael Borras at http://cupcake.spamm.fr/.

Kevin Carey – OTC/DXM [256_l4y3rz_0v_sYrVp_r3m1xxx]

kevincarey_videoIn response to an increase in works inspired by DJ Screw’s chopped & screwed sound and the surrounding culture, this piece looks to subvert the smoothness and fluidity of the recent aesthetic focus within the underground rap community. What results is a frustrated trip – a dirty, murky exploration of over the counter and beyond.


Dirty New Media // REVOLUTION 02


An engaging day of performances and interactive installations from digital artists, hacktivists and new media explorers from the West Midlands, Chicago and beyond. Artworks take the form of hacked and customised hardware, accessories, demos, lectures, data-mangling, projection and more!

This eclectic, expectation bending event is presented by Vivid Projects in association with artist/curator Antonio Roberts and The Barber institute of Fine Arts.

Free admission, no booking required. Dirty New Media. For further information and times, please contact 0121 414 2261 or email education@barber.org.uk. Facebook event link.