OpenLab Goodness

Last Saturday I went down to London to attend OpenLab 5:

Openlab are providing a day of workshops & presentations about opensource software, and performances in the evening at Cafe OTO, Dalston. There is a venerable lineup of OpenLab members providing some in depth knowledge during the day and some great performances at night.

The workshops I were looking forward to most were the ones that involved Pure:Data and Processing. I’ve messed around with both of those programs before but I’ve only ever just edited the example files. That is until after some of the workshops:

That was a snippet of work by Daniel Jones. It combined Supercollider and Processing and a camera to convert images into sound, which is something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time.

In another of the workshops I was introduced to the basics of Processing, which reminds me a lot of my days coding in ActionScript. Once I’ve studied the Processing book (thanks Charlie!) and learnt how to manipulate SVG’s I’ll be back on track with my coding artworks! You can download what I did that day if you’re curious about Processing yourself.