8Bit Lounge

8Bit Lounge

I’ve been helping run a night at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath called 8Bit Lounge. To explain what it is imagine the coming together of beer, Gameboy music/chiptunes and old consoles!

A male hippo, apparently Justin and Mark battle it out @genzaichi and @stef on X-Men @peteashton on the decks

There’s been two nights so far, the most recent being Tuesday 6th October, which you can read about over at fizzPOP.org.uk. We’re somewhat lacking in 8Bit consoles (the lowest bit number was a 32bit Sega Saturn with 10-player Bomberman) but that’s something I hope to remedy when I get my Commodore 64 down from the attic

I’d like to see more things like the improvised music that we had at the last night and also things like livecoding, which has taken off big time in London recently. Still, it’s all early days.

The next night is on November 3rd so come on down!

The Pyramid Stage

The Pyramid Stage, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

I was at Glastonbury Festival lat week volunteering with Oxfam. When not on my shift watching as people got searched I saw these bands:

King Blues

Ben Folds
Fun Lovin’ Criminals
A little bit of Fatboy Slim

A little bit of Massive Attack

John Mayer
Mark Ronson
A bit of Goldfrapp
A bit of Leonard Cohen
The Zutons
A bit of Solomon Burke
A bit of Manu Chao

As you can probably tell I had my Gameboy Camera with me too 🙂 There’ll be a few more pictures like that coming soon!