GIF Free For All

In early September I participated in the GIF Free For All online ehxibition, launched in conjunction with Computer Art Congress 4 – CAC4 Rio de Janeiro, and curated by A. Bill Miller. More info:

Animated GIFs can be created by anyone and are about anything. The animated GIF is ubiquitous and democratic. Online, it’s proliferation coincides with the developing ways we use the Internet. As a unique and accessible moving image filetype, animated GIF functions on the logic of openness and distributed networks in a time of increasing data surveillance and restrictions to access by governing bodies and corporate capitalization of data-spaces.

GIF Free For All is an online exhibition of animated GIFs created by 19 international artists. By acknowledging the range of contemporary and popular culture uses, this exhibition seeks to expand the conversation surrounding animated GIFs within Art contexts. By occupying server spaces worldwide, by circulating endlessly, by evolving and shifting over time, by looping and tiling in expanding frames and windows, the animated GIF is FREE FOR ALL.

For this I created two new gifs which make use of the [tof/animate] object in Pure Data and Inkscape:


Whitney Kimball of Art F City described my gifs as “a joke that you don’t get unless you watch both GIFs and read their file names”. Thanks!

Click through to see the gifs from the other 18 artists.