Where does it all go wrong?

I recently turned on the TV to find that the channel it was last on was totally glitching!

What I kept trying to figure out was where the glitch was occurring. Sure, it’s on screen, but what part of the signal is getting errors? I imagine that there’s three places it could’ve gone wrong: at Virgin Media headquaters, on the receiver at home or from the HDMI cable connecting the receiver to the TV. I turned the channel over and the glitch was gone, but that still doesn’t rule out where it could’ve been happening.

I think approach is one less seen in the glitch art world, but one that I’d really like to explore. It’s one thing to glitch an image or video on screen, but I have come across few examples that modify the screen itself, or the signal being sent to the screen. It might be a case of analogue versus digital.

One artist/hacker/tinkerer that I’ve come across recently is Karl Klomps, who appears to like to mess around with video signals:

failter 4 from karl klomp on Vimeo.

(thanks for the recommendation Rosa!)

Whilst I don’t yet have the technical skills to do something like that I think there are other ways that I can explore analogue glitches, even if it doesn’t actually involve computers or anything electrical.