Pecha Kucha Coventry Vol 14 – 11th June 2013

On June 11th from 7pm I’ll be making a superduperspecial appearance at volume 14 of Pecha Kucha Coventry, taking place – unsurprisingly – in Coventry at Taylor John’s House.

Ludic Rooms take the reins to curate a special PKN for the Coventry Mysteries Festival. This year the festival theme is Re-Creation and we have invited speakers from around the country to give their 400 seconds on the re-creation of a specialist subject.

As it is part of the Coventry Mysteries Festival, for one night only the ticket price is FREE.

Confirmed speakers include:

You may have noticed that I’m not on the speakers’ list. That’s because…

@hellocatfood will be taking portrait photography on the night. Using a Game Boy Camera and Printer he will recreate you in an 8bit glitch polaroid styled portrait. Take home a print on the night (First come first served) The photos will be on display for the remainder of the festival at the Hub in Market Way.

So, track me down and I’ll take your very own 0 megapixel picture for ya!

r00s Inside Out Inside Out Me and my hat!