The Moving Image Project

The Moving Image Project is a project by Charlie Levine that takes a selection of artworks across the world for screenings. Screenings may happen within the traditional gallery space or may go wherever Levine is, being screened via a projector attachment for her phone:

Glimpses of life caught through windows as you speed past in car, trains or planes: the transient state of time as we move around the world crossing time zones and countries: the daydream of staring, watching and waiting.

The Moving Image Project is a series of short films selected by UK curator Charlie Levine. The project began development and touring in early 2014 when Levine herself toured to the other side of the world. Levine originally commissioned/approached various artists to produce silent short films, or films that did not reply on sound, that touched up this idea of movement and travel, of glimpses, the mundane and the world.

Since early 2014 Neon Plastic by myself and Joe Newlin has been screened alongside other artists in Tokyo, Japan, Baroda, India and Christchurch, New Zealand. For details of other screenings keep watch of the Tour page.

The Tale Tellers – Drinking in LA

Towards the end of 2013 I was asked by Charlie Levine to submit a story to The Tale Tellers.

Artists, writers and thinkers have been invited to interpret their favourite stories, songs or poems via a series of images that represent key plot points within that story.

Each selection of images tells a complete tale.

After much deliberation I decided to tell the “tale” of my alltime favouritest song in the world ever, Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000.


Go check out the tale in all it’s occasionally-animated glory whilst listening to the song:

y’know they’ve had, like, three more albums out since that song, yeah?


TOYBOX at TROVE opened on Friday 15th June. The opening was a great success! Thanks to everyone who braved the rained and came to the opening.

The exhibition featured modified and hacked toys and similar-themed films and performances. Here’s the toys:


Horsing Around by James Gill


Untitled by Katy Morrison


Panther by David Lee


Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy by Claire Davies


Untitled by Sam Underwood


Mid Life Crisis by Duncan McKellar

And here’s a video of some of the more interactive toys in action

The opening also included performances from Richard Peel, Daniel Salisbury and Kate Spence, as well as videos from Emilie Crew, Rosie Curtis & Steph Bryant and Maria Mattos.

Charlie Levine has also written an overview of the opening with some additional pictures

Thanks again to everyone that came!