CECI at Roam The Rows Festival

CECI at Roam The Rows Festival, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

Last weekend I was in Chester with CECI to perform at the Roam The Rows Festival.

I’ve been to Chester before and it really is the quaintest town I’ve ever been to. I really like how it’s modern yet has a historical feel to it.

This is the first time I’ve performed to an audience that isn’t exclusively arty and the first time I’ve ever done some sort of street performance. My main concern was that the public would just walk by uninterested. However, when there’s a guy with a massive balloon on his back it’s hard not to be interested! It was all very well received and everyone who experienced the art piece enjoyed it, even if it did leave their hair a bit static at the end (hence the sexy hair nets).

I have another street performance this weekend with B-VAC, but more on that soon.