BiLE at SONICpicnic, 29th July 2011

BiLE will be performing alongside a whole host of musicians at SONICpicnic on 29th July at VIVID.

SOUNDkitchne SONICpicnic

I designed this. Word to your mother.

BiLE had their very first performance at the first SOUNDkitchen event – see, we’ve got proof – so we’re really happy to be performing again.

We’ll be performing a few pieces including XYZ, which was recently played in Venice at the Laptop Meets Musicians Festival. You can see a preview of the visuals that I’ve prepared for it below:

I’ll also be doing visuals for the whole night alongside Chromatouch

Stars of The Lid

Stars of The Lid, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

I’ve never really listened to ambient/drone music and never have I seen it performed live. That said, the Stars of The Lid gig at Hare and Hounds was awshum! I think it only lasted about 3 songs, but with each song weighing in at about 8 minutes it’s a good thing that anymore weren’t played.

Definitely great music to sleep/relax to.

Stewarding at Festivals with Oxfam this Summer

I’m only mentioning this once, as I get asked about it every year, sometimes by the same people.

In the Summer months I usually steward at festivals with Oxfam. I’ve been doing this since 2005 and it really is a great experience for a great cause. Applications for the general public opened yesterday (31st March), so apply now to avoid disappointment.

Although not my primary reasons for doing this (I’ve supported Oxfam in other ways for years) some of the benefits of stewarding with Oxfam, from my point of view, include:

  • By paying a £165 depost you can steward at as many festivals as they cater for (up to ten festivasl)
  • You’ll be helping a great cause.
  • In my experience of Glastonbury and Reading the separate stewards camping area is safer (though not completely), cleaner (depending on the weather) and you get to know lots of friendly people, ’cause you’re all there for one common purpose
  • Free meal tickets! These (usually) equal one ticket for each day of your shifts. It may not sound like a lot, but trust me, it is!
  • In my experience of stewarding at Reading we’re allound to walk through the backstage areas to access other stewarding areas, which means there’s a small chance you might meet some of the performers/semi famous people (sorry, had to brag), though don’t count on it, especially at Glastonbury. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
  • The responsibilities and shifts aren’t taxing, but it’s a great experience if you want to get into running events and such
  • You’ll be helping a great cause. DUH!
  • When you’re not on one of your eight-hour shifts you’re free to see the festival! In my experience of stewarding at Reading many of the shift posts/locations are actually situated in or near music tents, so whilst you’re on shift you’ll see acts and when you’re not you can see more! However, some shift posts aren’t located in or near music tents.
  • I’ll be there
  • You get the £165 deposit back upon them recieveing notification that you’ve completed all of your shifts, which is usually around November

By the time you’ve read this the Glastonbury vacancies may have already been filled, but there’s plenty of other festivals to choose from. This is great for anyone who supports Oxfam or who just couldn’t get a Reading/Leeds or Glastonbury Festival ticket.

Oh yeah, it’s all volunteer work, so you wont be paid.

Apply, damn you! If you’ve got the Summer free and £165 to lend you’ve got no excuse 😉