as part of the Kickstarter we launched last year for GLI.TC/H 20111 we offered various physical media from different artists as incentives, these ranged from DVDs to VHS tapes to NES cartridges. One such incentive was conceived by Morgan Higby-Flowers and Jeff Donaldson (aka noteNdo) and curated/produced by Jeff Donaldson and myself (Nick Briz). This was a 20GB Engraved HDD with worx (and often source files) from an array of glitch artists. Because only 9 (for kickstarter supporters) of these were produced, no one (including the artists who donated their files) really got a chance to see these.

The list: Kim Asendorf Nick Briz Curt Cloninger Arcangel Constantini Cracked Ray Tube Theo Darst Jeff Donaldson Jake Elliot Jimmy Joe Roche Ronan Letoqueux Rosa Menkman and Johan Larsby Iman Moradi Takeshi Murata Antonio Roberts Jon Satrom Sherpa Phillip Stearns Daniel Temkin UCNV Vaudeo Signal

I almost forgot about these being made, so thanks to Nick Briz/GLI.TC/H for taking photos and a video.

It’s been so long that I can’t fully remember what I contributed to the HDD, but whatever it was I hope the nine people with one of these enjoy it!