Interview with the Redbrick – GLI.TC/H BIRM

Shortly after GLI.TC/H hit Birmingham I did a short interview with Jonathan Melhuish for the Redbrick, Birmingham University’s newspaper.

GLI.TC/H Birm in Redbrick Newspaper

Original Photo by Jonathan Melhuish. Click to read article

Jonathan Melhuish: So, what is “glitch art”?

Antonio: Glitch art is making art out of analogue or digital errors. It can bemade using computers using techniques like attempting to open animage in a text editor or with physical objects, like opening up electronic toys andpoking around at its circuitry until you achieve odd and unexpectedresults.

It sounds like you’re celebrating technical failure.

Indeed we are. We don’t discard mistakes, we actively seek them out!

Is glitching something that only geeks can truly appreciate?

When it comes to glitch art, all you need is curiosity. When you startto do it, you may find it’s lots of fun and will achieve vivid imagery that would be difficult, or nearly impossible, to achieve using conventional methods and programs such as Photoshop. If you lookat popular culture, you’ll find artists such as Dizzee Rascal, KanyeWest and Everything Everything using these techniques in their music videos.

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