Interview with Imperica – Celebrating Imperfection

I was interviewed by Imperica recently about GLI.TC/H coming to Birmingham.

Caca on Imperica

For the viewer, appreciating Glitch art inevitably depends on the form that the work takes, and an understanding of the work not being “broken” but a new construction in itself. Glitched artwork “… can be beautiful, but it can also be chaotically noisy. It isn’t just an hour of TV static or hard noise. They have a narrative; they tell a story in some way. I want the viewer to see the value in things that are corrupted, bent, and broken.”

Go read it now!

GLI.TC/H comes to the world on the following dates:

  • Chicago_USA: Nov 4-6 2011
  • Amsterdam_NL: Nov 11-12 2011
  • Birmingham_UK: Nov 19 2011