Rough Magic

Rough Magic

All the plays are over now! On most nights were at full capacity and others we were well over 40 seats (of 80 seats)! It’s a relief in that I can finally now sleep in most days, but it’s also kinda sad ’cause I wont get to work with them all for awhile now. I suspect that Tom and Deirdre will keep writing and producing plays, but it wont be for a long time 🙁 alas, I’ll take what I can from this experience and go forth and work on more productions at the Crescent Theatre.

Twelfth Night


Tomorrow sees me going to the dress rehearsal for a rendition of Twelfth Night by Somesuch Theatre Company directed by Annabel Smith. Here’s some more info:

Somesuch Theatre Company presents Shakespeare’s tale of gender confusion. When love is in the air, the fickle nature of lust comes to the forefront in this bold 21st century production. Does gender or sexuality really matter when love and lust take hold? An exciting and vibrant production; sexy and provocative; full of life and music

I’m going to be operating the lighting and sound desk, something I’ve never done before, but which I’m reassured is really easy. Still, I’m quite excited!

Somesuch Theatre also have three other plays at the Old Joint Stock. A rendition of Volpone and a double-bill of Rough Magic and The Blue Chameleon, both written by Deirdre Burton and Tom Davis. My favourite of the two being Rough Magic. Get your tickets and come see them all!