WordPress Idea – Trackback for themes

I’ve suggested an idea for future wordpress builds.

The overall idea is that theme authors can see potentially see who is using their theme. This wouldn’t be automatic, and maybe there could be two options such as 1) send notification to theme author and 2) allow information to be displayed on authors’ website. I feel this could help notify users of any theme updates and also link them with people who have used the theme and modified it in any way.

I’m making a theme for portfolio websites at the moment so this would be a useful feature for me. Go vote!

WordPress Theme Development

I’ve finally updated to WordPress 2.5. Great looking interface!

On a similar note I’ve finally decided that I’m going to develop my own WordPress theme. Although I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to CSS and PHP I’m not really clued up on the structure of WordPress, so have always avoided it. Here are my efforts as of today:

Progress screenshot

The overall idea is to create a WordPress theme that is better suited to a portfolio website than a blog. In the long term I want to be able to have different layouts that are more typical of portfolio websites and also allow integration with Gallery2, which itself will have a modified display to suit portfolio websites.

That is, unless anyone can recommend an existing theme?