Performances at Network Music Festival

On Thursday 26th January I performed with Freecode at the Network Music Festival pre-festival party.

For this set at any one time there were two people doing audio and two doing video. We also had the theme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. To try and explain further:

Something old
Video: Antonio (hellocatfood) and Alan (laternist)
Audio: Leon (Chromatouch) and Jim (minuek)

Something new
Video: Chromatouch and minuek
Audio: hellocatfood and laternist

Something borrowed:
Video: hellocatfood and minuek
Audio: Chromatouch and laternist

Something blue:
Video: Chromatouch and laternist
Audio: hellocatfood and laternist

Working in this way I think gave us a bit more structure and allowed each person to shine in the spotlight for a bit. It also saw us mixing and matching styles a lot more. For example, myself and laternist create very abstract and noisy images and sound whereas Chromatouch and minuek create audio that’s more listenable and do similar things with visuals. Having two of these mixing created great results!

We now have a tumblr account where we’ll be posting all of our videos. Go visit it:

The following day I performed with BiLE. We performed two pieces at Network Music Festival: XYZ and Laptopera. The visuals for XYZ have evolved quite a bit since its first performance.

XYZ - Old visuals

Previously the visuals acted mostly as a display of the data being sent over the network. Without knowing what the data was it was hard to get any meaning from the visuals. Now, however, I feel it better represents the interactions between the players. Here it is being performed at Network Music Festival:

Please excuse the positioning of the camera. I also posted at work in progress video of those visuals in case you should want to get a better idea of what’s happening.

BiLE also premiered Laptopera, which you can watch and listen to on the BiLE YouTube channel