B-VAC Flash Art Mob

B-VAC Flash Art Mob, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

As advertised on the B-VAC website we had a Flash Art Mob on Saturday 16th August. It was kinda small but it went really well and I can’t wait to do another one with more and more artists involved!

Thank you!

Setting up, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

Thanks so very much to all that came to see the first B-VAC exhibition! It really was a great success.

I had a slight problem with hanging stuff up and we ran out of drinks, but for something that is funded entirely by us I think it was executed very well.

As this is my first exhibition ever (aside from the uni Degree Show) I felt really nervous about how well it’d be received, but my fears were put to rest once the event started. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction when you see someone looking at your artwork. Even if they don’t like it, just knowing that they’ve taken the time to form an opinion on it is more than satisfying.

Here’s a copy of the work I exhibited. (click to expand)
Check www.b-vac.com in the coming weeks for more info about the exhibition and future projects.

Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition exhibition

The B-VAC website is now up and running (being maintained by myself). Information is minimum at the moment, but all of the artists will hopefully soon be blogging on it and updating with news on their practice. Time to get some sleep before the exhibition tomorrow!

Birmingham – Work in progress #4

These are the last two screenshots I’ll show as it’s nearly finished. I don’t wanna ruin the final piece 😉 The other three are looking great as well. A few more minor adjustments to each and then off to print! Don’t forget to come along, join the facebook group or whatever!